The Gowland Awards

Let’s get together for a night of cocktails, canapes and fun to judge the worst domestic violence deniers.  The nominator of each winning quote is awarded a Gowland.

The Gowlands for “The Best” Nominations are invited for the following categories:

  1. Excellence in domestic violence awareness.
  2. Acts of Resistance; that recognise acts of survivors’ strength.*

The Gowlands for “The Worst” Domestic Violence Deniers*

Nominate a person who has made a remark that left you fuming! Choose which category you think they fit into & let loose. Categories include:

  1. Worst Survivor/Victim Blaming Statement.
  2. Most Trivial or Patronising Remark about domestic violence.
  3. Worst Apologist-most outrageous remark made by a 3rd party apologising for act/s of domestic violence.
  4. Most Inaccurate Statement about Domestic Violence.
  5. Register your interest by making a nomination

Nominations opened July 1, 2016. Submit your nominations online by clicking on the button below or simply email them to:

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 *All entries must be de-identified.