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Last Saturday, Sydney was plunged into lockdown again as authorities try to contain the latest Covid—19 outbreak. This is an uncertain and anxious time for many of us, but especially for separated families as the restrictions may often impact your existing arrangements.

Where there are Court Orders, the Family Court has asked that parties try to communicate with each other and use common sense to come to a practical solution that ensures the spirit of the orders are respected and are in the best interest of the children!

Where there is no agreement, parents should keep the children safe until the dispute can be resolved. During this period of dispute, parents should ensure that each parent or carer continues to have some contact with the children such as by skype!
It is imperative that each parent should always consider the safety and best interests of the child as the paramount concern.

It is not uncommon, however, during these times for parents to have different views on what is necessarily the most appropriate arrangement. This is of particular concern where your ex-partner is abusive, controlling or deliberately obstructive.

If you need assistance with navigating what your rights and obligations currently are contact Gowland Legal Family Lawyers. We are open during the lockdown and can provide you with urgent parenting advice. Our office can be contacted during business hours on 9569 3000, alternatively you may email us anytime at

Additionally, the Courts will continue to operate during this time and have established a court list dedicated to dealing exclusively with urgent disputes that have arisen as a result of the pandemic. If you are unable to reach an agreement, and continue to have real concerns, you are at liberty to approach the Court and file in the Covid-19 list to have your matter be urgently heard.