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The NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Coercive Control has unanimously agreed that action must be taken against this form of domestic abuse and that a criminal offence of coercive control should be created.

Gowland Legal Family Lawyers are elated by the news and the Committee’s decision!

We thank the Committee for their work and their proper consideration of Gowland Legal’s Submission and the evidence I, Lyndal Gowland, provided in my submissions at the Public Hearing and the lived experiences of victim survivors.

Thank you to my team at Gowland Legal, Charlie and Emma, for their assistance in writing Gowland Legal’s Submission. The Committee referred to our Submission in their report on five specific occasions. I am so proud of the part they played in this report, the findings of which I believe will have a critical impact on victims of domestic abuse.

You may read the full report here:

– Lyndal Gowland, Principal Solicitor of Gowland Family Lawyers