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The following story is fictional and does not represent actual events but rather serves as a cautionary reminder to purchasers’ of the importance of commissioning pre-purchase building and pest reports.

Tucked away under the dining room floor boards of a 5 Rose Street, Linfield lived the Roach family – a much renowned and long-standing Cockroach family that had lived, bred and enjoyed free reign of the property for over 20 years.

Over the years, they sneaked fluffs of threads and scraps of fabric found on the surface floor boards and created warm homes for themselves under the dining room floor boards. They also set up cellars for food storage under the kitchen floor and stocked up on crumbs during summer.

The Roach family were not the only community that lived on the property of course; there was also the Antsy family – a large family of nervous white ants, the Slithers,a clumsy and short sighted Snake family and the Fuzzies, a cluster of chubby rats and mice who binge on camembert and crackers day and night. They had lived oh so harmoniously for many years and shared tactics on how to avoid being attacked and massacred by the selfish humans who refused to share the property with them.

On a warm day in late summer, the leaders of each community conferred to discuss the upcoming sale of the property. They were cautious about the human newcomers. Nanna Roach, a much respected elder wisely suggested that all the rodents and insects stay well away from sight so as to not incite the newcomers in commissioning the abhorred “Building and Pest Inspections”. They all knew too well what a Building and Pest Report would lead to – their ultimate demise. No matter how well they hid from sight, the dreaded Inspector would always somehow find their nests and then smugly write all about them in their reports, without any respect for their privacy of course. Rumour had it that the pesky Inspector even included photographs in his reports of the insects and rodents and their living quarters as well as his recommendations as to how to eradicate them all!!.

The newcomers were experienced property purchasers though and did not hesitate to commission the Building and Pest report. The Inspector had a keen eye for the insects and rodents and could locate their whereabouts easily.

On one fateful date, the rodent families woke up to the smell of fumigants. The selfish human purchasers had of course heeded the advice of the pesky Pest Inspector and fumigated the property to eradicate all cockroaches, termites, ants, fleas, rodents, spiders, bed bugs and wasps. 5 Rose Street, Linfield become infamous in the wider insect and rodent community as the house of horror and from that day forward, all the insects and rodents knew never to venture into 5 Rose Street Linfield ever again.