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Thank you to everybody who came to the Inaugural Gowland Awards held on 23 November 2016.

It was a great night of calling out the worst domestic violence deniers and of course ‘superior’ canapes and beverages.

Again, we would like to thank all the front line workers.  Your continued and tireless efforts make such an immense difference in the lives of domestic violence victims and survivors across Australia.  We hope that the Gowland Awards made you feel appreciated and valued for all the hard work that you put in every single day.

We would also like to thank the Honourable Dr Meredith Burgmann and the Ernies for their generosity in allowing the Gowland Awards to be modelled on such an amazing event like the Ernie Awards. Without Dr Burgmann’s guidance and support this night would not have been a success.


The Gowland Awards was split into two parts: ‘The Best’ – which included the presentation of two Gold Gowland Awards – and ‘The Worst’, the Howl for a Gowl ‘I Called It Out’ Awards, naming outrageous instances of domestic violence denial.

We are pleased to announce the 2016 winners for each category (determined by all your boos and howls of disdain and outrage on the night!):

The Gowland Awards For The Best

The Gowland Award for Excellence in Domestic Violence Awareness awarded to Andrew O’Keefe.

The Gowland Award for Acts of Resistance; that recognise acts of survivors’ strengths awarded to Dixie Link-Gordon for nominating a young Aboriginal woman and the Redfern All Blacks Women Football team.

The Gowland Awards for The Worst

The Gowland Award for calling out the Worst Survivor Victim Blaming Statement awarded to Elizabeth King for her nomination:

“She put the peas on the wrong side of the plate” – de-identified.

The Gowland Award for calling out the Most Trivial or Patronising Remark about Domestic Violence awarded to Tania Smith for her nomination:

“How does DV leave stop DV exactly?  If anything it encourages it, or at least false reports.  ‘Divvie’ the new ‘sickie.’  Another union rort” – Miranda Devine.

The Gowland Award for calling out the Worst Apologist; most outrageous remark made by a 3rd party for apologising for acts of domestic violence, awarded to Dr Belinda Russon for her nomination:

“Children are used as pawns in custody battles where women make frivolous claims and believe they have the sole right to the children. Children have two parents and, until we treat mums and dads with the same courtesy and rights, we will continue to see murders due to sheer frustration and depression and mental illness caused by this unworkable system” – Pauline Hanson in her 2016 Maiden Speech.

The Gowland Award for calling out the Most Inaccurate Statement about Domestic Violence, awarded to Sruti Sinha for her nomination:

“Violence against women does discriminate starkly.  It is concentrated in communities with a high indigenous population, in the Northern Territory, in impoverished rural towns, in the urban fringes where the underclass lives, where welfare has emasculated men, where unemployment is high and education poor, and where drug and alcohol abuse is rife.  These are the obvious preconditions for violence” – Miranda Devine.

We’re already accepting nominations for next year so be sure to keep sending them in.

A raffle was also held on the night and we managed to raise $247 with all proceeds going to the Women’s Family Law Support Service NSW.  Thank you to all who donated and congratulations to Zoe McMillan for winning a delicious chocolate hamper.


We can’t wait to see you all again next year for more fun, bubbles and superior canapes to call out the worst domestic violence deniers.

– Lyndal Gowland and the Team at Gowland Legal