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Early this year Gowland Family Lawyers submitted our recommendations to NSW Committee on Coercive Control as we were invited to appear at a public hearing in Parliament in February.

Our submissions focus on the need to hold perpetrators of domestic abuse accountable. Domestic abuse is criminal conduct that must be stopped so women and children can live safely.

Appearing before the Committee, Ms Gowland gave a compelling testimony in support for the criminalisation of coercive control. Ms Gowland said domestic violence in NSW has reached crisis point and required a “state response”.

“Women and children are being killed. Women and children are being terrorised, often for the entirety of their lives, often after separation – and it is only criminal law that can provide that response.”

You can read more about Lyndal’s appearance in the following news articles:


Gowland Legal Family Lawyers are passionate about Law Reform that will better protect women and children who are subjected to domestic abuse and sincerely hope the NSW Government supports the criminalisation of coercive control.

Gowland Legal are proud advocates for the safety of women and children. We are pleased that our important message was taken up nationally.